Hope and Frustration!
6th January 2021
Residential Management
Hope and Frustration!
6th January 2021

With Christmas being a quieter affair than usual, many of us were looking forward to ushering in the New Year with the anticipation of forgetting about 2020 and the promise of a vaccine on the horizon. A new start, onwards and upwards etc. etc.

However it seems that much of our New Year cheer was quashed by the dour government announcements about the rampant spread of the virus and the strain under which the NHS is operating.

Our faith now rests upon the speedy and efficient roll out of the two approved vaccines, both of which are marvels of scientific and medical brilliance. So let’s not diminish the threat of the virus or excuse the misery it has caused, but instead try to focus on all that is positive as we commence a new year.

For starters a renewed discipline of our actions will help. The virus does not move itself, people move it. Therefore if we stay at home where possible, limit contact with other people as far as is practicable, make space and maintain stringent hygiene standards we can limit the spread of the virus. Doing our bit really does help, so let’s take comfort from that as opposed to dwelling on what we are missing out on.

Furthermore we must rejoice in the huge achievement of the development, approval and initial rollout of the three vaccines. Never in the history of humankind have we witnessed such an achievement in such a short space of time. The fact that one of them was developed and will be produced in the UK should be a source of pride.

Fairhaven is delighted to report that a significant number of our residents have either been scheduled to, or indeed received, their initial vaccination. What is more wonderful is that one of residents has received both vaccinations! Proof, if needed, that things are beginning to move in the right direction.

Hope is there if we choose to look for it. Yes we will need to endure some difficult weeks and months, but we can now see a way out of lockdowns, social distancing and seemingly endless government briefings.

Therefore, until such time as it is safe for us to mingle again Fairhaven will redouble its efforts to enable our residents to shield at home. We will continue to deliver hot meals, essential shopping and provide a laundry service for those who rely on it. We can’t make the problem go away, but can ensure that lockdown is more comfortable for our residents.

From all at Fairhaven, we hope you have a healthy and happy New Year.